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October 15, 1999


A description of the sections:

News: Some news about the band
Lyrics: Lyrics from albums and songs plus some liner notes
History: Three biographies about the band
T-Shirts: Gallery of old Chumbawamba T-Shirts
Songs: Excerpts of older songs or live versions
Interviews: Lots of interviews
Stories: Some stories plus some tid-bits
Gallery: Photos from live gigs
Gig List: List of ALL gigs from 1992-1998
Discography: All their releases plus a description of previous albums
Updates: List of recent updates of this site
Search: Search the content of this site
Links: Links to other Chumbawamba pages

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BTW: This site is online since August 1995!

The idea of the "Chumbawamba FanPage" was that it should contain a selection of articles/opinions from Chumbawamba fans around the world about the band and their music... But unfortunately, time proved that almost nobody wanted to contribute anything.
If you want up-to-date infos about the band, go and visit their own homepage.
But if you still want to write an article or have some comments than feel free to send them to me (email address at the end of this page). This would help to make this page more interesting.

So long, Michael...

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